July 2019

Hello Clark Residents:

This newsletter is designed to inform the community of on-going projects that your Board is undertaking. Also, any volunteer activities will be posted. Information will be updated as necessary. The facility website is a great source of information and all meeting minutes are posted on the Board page as well.

 Questions concerning the building, the grounds, or policy should be directed to a Board Member prior to the monthly board meeting.  The meetings are the first Monday of each month at 7pm.  Positive and constructive comments and ideas as well as concerns will be addressed and welcomed.

The board members are: The Rec Center Coordinator is Nancy Woolard             
  • Don Tolman, President
  • Rich Alberta, Vice President
  • Susan Hoffert, Secretary
  • Shirley Bentley, Treasurer
  • Joe Kelleher, Director

Phone (307)250-9991 or (307)645-3282


Email:  coordinator.cprc@gmail.com

Questions concerning rental of the building, as well as reporting any unsafe conditions, are addressed on the Reserve page of the website.

Current Projects Finished and Pending:

  • Skylights were removed from the meeting room roof and the holes repaired.  Thank you to Dodge Construction.
  • The entire rec center roof was sealed to stop the leaks.
  • Ceiling tiles damaged by water will be cleaned or replaced.
  • New flooring will be installed by Line Creek Flooring.
  • Air intake for the furnace will be updated.
  • Shed roof was resurfaced.
  • Water system for the concession stand at the arena has been replumbed.  Thank you, Jacob Inglis for donating your time and expertise for the project.
  • Borders and base in the restrooms will be finished.

Projected Future Projects:

  • Construction of an outside pavilion
  • Landscaping
  • Memorial Benches
  • Overhead lights in the ladies' room
  • Handrails along the sidewalk

by Susan Hoffert, Secretary, CPRC